Why the lils?

What to expect during your audition:

The Tigerlilies rehearse and hold auditions in 300 Henry Hall, which is informally referred to as "The Lilypad." It is a room full of memories and traditions, decorated with stolen sign from all of our tours and photographs of Lils past and present.  Ask any member of the group and she'll tell you that the Lilypad feels like home. We're sure you'll love it too! to find it, enter Henry hall using Entryway 3, take the stairs to the basement and turn right.

1. Quick Introduction: When you arrive, you'll have a few minutes to fill out a card with information about yourself (i.e. musical background, hometown, etc.). Once you're ready, our president will bring you in to share your audition card information with the group.

2. Scales: Our music director will guide you through the remainder of your audition. First, you'll complete several vocal exercises so the group can get a sense of your range. While these exercises also serve as warm-ups, you may benefit from warming up independently prior to your audition.

3. Pitch matching and listening:  During this portion of the audition, you'll hear several short series of notes on the piano. Listen to each series and sing back what you hear. Next, you'll be asked to sing the middle note of chords played on the piano. 

4. Swells: This exercise is designed to gauge breath control and support. Relax, and sing the note played on the piano. Begin by singing at your softest volume, then grow to your maximum volume before returning to your initial volume. 

5. Vocal exercise to determine voice part: Here, you'll sing through a short passage in several different keys. This is so the group can get a sense of where in your range you feel most comfortable singing. 

6. Prepared solo: Now is the time for your solo voice to shine. Choose a song that you enjoy singing, and perform one verse and chorus (~a 40 second selection) for the group, and most importantly, have fun! Members of our group have auditioned with a range of different songs, from jazz standards to pop hits. We love this part of the audition because it gives us a sense of who you are as a performer and what style of music you enjoy. 
That's it! Later in the evening, we will let you know either via email or in person whether you have received a callback. Callbacks are a chance for you to be a Tigerlily for the evening - you will learn a few of our songs, perform with the group, and have a chance just to hang out and get to know everyone. 

Hire us!

The Princeton Tigerlilies have frequently performed for the Princeton community at events including university and alumni functions, private parties, cocktail receptions, and benefits. We guarantee a sophisticated, upbeat, and professional performance that all audiences will enjoy! To book a performance with the Tigerlilies or to make an inquiry regarding fees and availability, please get in touch with our business manager, Ann Dockery, using the provided contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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