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Founded in 2017, The Princeton Tigerlilies’ Alumnae Board’s primary goal is to promote an ongoing community among undergraduate Tigerlilies and Tigerlily Alumnae. As a part of this community, the Board aims to provide strategic advisory, mentoring, financial support and historical context to support the current Tigerlily leadership team in order to provide a lasting heritage for the first all-female a cappella group at Princeton University.

PRESIDENT - Betsy Kalber Baglio ’96
Betsy Kalber Baglio ’96 was a senior when the Tigerlilies celebrated the group’s 25th anniversary. Now, Betsy is looking forward to helping the group establish a legacy for the 50th anniversary and beyond. Betsy and her a cappella loving family -- her husband, Steve, is a ’96 Footnote, and her sons are always singing -- moved back to Princeton in 2011 and live close enough to walk to arch sings. Since graduating from Princeton, Betsy has focused on the field of education as a teacher, a professional developer, an educational consultant and now as a member of the Board of Education for the Princeton Public Schools. 

VICE PRESIDENT - Rebecca Rasmussen ‘77
Rebecca Rasmussen received an AB from Princeton and a Masters of Architecture from UVA. As a Tigerlily, she blessed Princeton's arches with her rendition of Dionne Warwick's Walk on By. Her firm, Rebecca Rasmussen Architects, specializes in a wide range of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. She serves as Board President of the Nightingale Bamford School and lives in New York with her husband and their dog Taylor. Her daughter, Callie '23, is a Lil now too! Contact Rebecca at

​TREASURER - Jessica Hittle Marshall ’96
When Jessica Marshall, Soprano 1, Class of 96, was in the Tigerlilies, she told audiences that she was a chemical engineering major from Fort Collins, Colorado. Now she lives in Seattle, Washington and works from home as an editor at a chemistry magazine. In the interim, she's lived in Berkeley, Singapore, St. Paul, and Barcelona, earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineering, and worked as a freelance science writer. She and her husband have eight-year-old twins and a toddler. In grad school, a lab mate once yelled at her because she subconsciously sang the background to Song of Long Ago all the time and it was driving him crazy. 

​SECRETARY - Christy Maver ‘99
Christy Maver, Sop II, Class of ’99 will be forever grateful to the Tigerlilies for the nickname Maverator. Born in New Jersey and raised in Kansas City, she has kept moving west and now resides in the Bay Area, where she runs marketing for a Machine Intelligence company on a mission to reverse-engineer the brain. She has been a Bikram Yoga instructor since 2006, and somehow still loves the daily exposure to obnoxious heat and humidity. She credits her time in Lils with introducing her to some of her personal favorite harmonies and heroes. Contact Christy at

FUNDRAISING CHAIR - Arielle Patrick ‘12
Arielle Patrick is Senior Vice President of Financial Communications & Capital Markets at the world's largest PR firm, Edelman. Before selling her soul to the corporate world, Arielle was most often found in the library of East Pyne, where she studied Ancient Greek and Latin in the Department of Classics. ​In addition to her role as Fundraising Chair for the Princeton Tigerlilies, Arielle donates her time to several other non-profits. She sits on the Board of the Yellowstone Park Foundation; is Chair of the National Audubon Society's New York Young Members; serves on the Young Patrons Leadership Committee for the American Friends of the Louvre museum in Paris; and is an active member of The New York Junior League.

​TECHNOLOGY CHAIR - Ayn-Monique Klahre ‘03
Ayn Monique Klahre, Soprano 1, Class of 2003, is a New York City-based freelance writer and lifestyle editor. Originally from Arlington, VA, she currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two young daughters. In her free time she enjoys reading, running, going to various playgrounds, and drinking lattes. Almost every night, she sings Tigerlilies songs to her girls before bed.

​50TH REUNIONS CHAIR - Alexandra Green ‘13
Alex Green, Alto I, class of 2013, is a consultant at McKinsey & Company based out of New York City.  When she's not traveling for work, she is either eating, watching TV, or exploring NYC - usually alongside fellow Tigerlily alums! She also sings in a chamber choir in New York that is directed by a fellow Princetonian and former KJ. Once some of Alex's co-workers found the Pitch Perfect parody video the Lils made for the Jam in 2013 and she has never lived it down. Contact Alexandra at

H​ISTORIAN - Aimee Hess ‘02
Aimee Hess '02 joined the Tigerlilies as a freshman and served as music director from 1999-2001. She continues to sing as much as possible, in choral ensembles and a local bluegrass band. She works in museum publishing as a writer and editor at the Library of Congress. Besides singing, Aimee loves reading, knitting, traveling, good food and craft beer, and HGTV. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband Richard, their cat Piper, and their ridiculously cute daughter Ella.

ARCHIVIST - Rose Lapp ‘15
Rose Lapp, Soprano II, Class of 2015, lives in Brooklyn and works for an early childhood education non-profit in Harlem. Though she works in the administrative offices, her favorite part of every week is leading music class for the three and four year olds. Next year, she'll be leaving New York City to study at the University of Michigan Law School. Contact Rose at

YEARBOOK CHAIR - Melanie Berman '18
Melanie Berman, Soprano II, is a classical singer originally from Seattle, Washington. She is pursuing a Masters in Voice Performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music (in the studio of Barbara Honn). She graduated from Princeton with a concentration in Comparative Literature and a certificate in Music Theater. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing poetry, hiking, and hanging out with other Tigerlilies. Contact Melanie at

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